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Mental Health Resources

Virtual/on-site licensed mental health therapists from Centre for Wellbeing are accessible at Franklin Elementary School. Services are billed through the family's insurance, but don't let cost prevent care; financial help is available. 

To learn more about the therapists, click on their bio:

Noreen Salzman, Centre for Wellbeing

To make a referral, please contact Sarah Nilles, Social Worker at or 715-261-0005. 

Good mental health is a state of balance in our thoughts, emotions, & behaviors. These signs may indicate that mental health therapy is right for your child:

·       Isolated

·       Low motivation

·       Sudden changes in behavior/dress/friendships, eating and sleeping habits

·       Anger, irritability, outbursts or irrational behavior that is out of character

·       Sudden drop in grades

·       Evidence of self-harm or suicidal comments

·       Impulsivity

·       Sadness that does not seem to go away

·       High level of fear/worry/anxiety that go beyond what is typical for their developmental age

·       Increased negative behaviors

·       Poor hygiene

·       Chronic peer/social issues

·       Vomiting unrelated to illness

·       Difficulty with concentration & attention, problems with short term memory

The Marathon County School-Based Counseling Consortium comprises of nonprofit and for-profit mental health clinics, public school districts, and community organizations. Consortium counseling agencies are able to provide on-site mental health counseling to students in all Marathon County public schools. 

If you would like to refer your child for school-based counseling or would like more information, please complete the form to the left and a representative from your child's school will contact you.