PBIS at Franklin

PBIS at Franklin

1. Climbing is for equipment - No climbing on benches, bike rakes, fence or trees

2. If it lives on the ground it stays on the ground - No throwing wood chips, grass, snow or others items found on the playground

3. Hands to self - No hitting, pushing, kicking, etc.

4. Use school appropriate nice words - No swearing, name calling, put downs or words that would not be used in the classroom

5. Up the stairs down the slide - No Climbing up the slides

6. There’s always room for one more - No excluding students from games

7. Jump ropes are for jumping - No using jump ropes on equipment or as leashes

8. Eat before you come out - No eating on the playground

9. Play tag games - No chasing other students

10.Play appropriate games - No fake fighting, wrestling or tackling

The ten rules listed above are done so in a positive format.  These rules were developed to help us achieve the ideal playground where appropriate games are played, everyone is included, equipment is used appropriately and the field is divided for games.  Below each rule are some specific examples of things that would violate the rule.


Lunchroom Rules and Expectations

1. Hands up for help - Raise your hand to get help for cleaning up a mess, opening something or getting something you forgot.

2. Stay on the bench - Students may slide along a bench as spots open but no changing of tables.

3. If you drop it pick it up - Pick up anything you drop on the floor (napkins, straws, forks)

4. Use the right voice level - Zero Zone in the food serving area; level one in line waiting to enter food serving area; level two at the lunch table.

5. Walking quietly - No running in the lunchroom and keeping feet to self

6. Only eat the food that is yours - No sharing food with others due to allergies

7. Hands to self

8. Clean up after yourself - Make sure you leave your eating area clean and free of any garbage-this includes the floor area

9. Make a good seating choice - Sit by students who will help you use the right voice volume and follow lunchroom rules.

10. No saying no - If a person asks to sit next you say yes (Belong).  If an adult asks you to do something say yes (Respect)

The ten rules listed above are done so in a positive format.  They were developed to help us achieve the ideal lunchroom where a restaurant atmosphere is felt, manners are apparent, adults model expected behaviors, and students are allowed choice of seating and the mealtime is enjoyed by all.  Below each rule are some specific examples of things that would violate the rule or a further clarification of the rule.

Lunchroom Procedures

  • Students should enter the lunchroom through the music doors.
  • Students should proceed through the tray, milk and napkin/straw line using a level one voice.
  • Students should enter the food serving area, which is a Zero Zone.
  • Students need to make the correct number of food choices to meet the Federal Guidelines-even if they will not eat all of them (generally three to four items).
  • Students should leave the food serving area and select a place to sit with some direction from lunchroom supervisors.
  • Students wishing to wait for a friend will need to wait under the fire alarm near the milk doors.
  • Students will raise hand to be dismissed.

After returning tray, students should exit through the milk doors, put on outside clothing and exit the building through the playground doors near the kindergarten rooms (Door #3)