Testing of Apple IDs

Testing Apple IDs
Posted on 10/15/2015

Testing of Apple IDs

Causes emails to parents from Apple

Please Ignore Apple Emails

Why is this happening?

As you know we have been working on creating Apple IDs for each student at Franklin since the beginning of the school year.  We are now testing each child’s Apple ID to ensure that all iPads will be ready as we change to a new management system.  This testing will take place over the next several weeks and will cause parents to receive emails from Apple.  

What To Watch For!

Email from Apple notifying you that the Apple ID and Password were used to log into a new device.  This is a result of our first log into your child’s iPad or testing of the Apple ID.  Please ignore this email.

Email from Apple notifying you that the password assigned to this Apple ID has been changed.  This email will only be sent to parents if the original password was different from the lunch account number.  Any changed password will match the lunch account number.  Any parent can request this number by contacting the office.